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Uriage Bariederm Dermatological Cica-Oil Stretch and Skin Marks 100ml

Uriage Bariederm Dermatological Cica-Oil Stretch and Skin Marks 100ml

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Improve the appearance of your skin with the Uriage Bariederm Dermatological Cica-Oil Stretch and Skin Marks, a potent formula that helps you to achieve a smoother, perfected look. Designed to be used on any recently developed skin marks as well as stretch marks, the oil can be used by anyone who feels like their body is changing, whether due to their weight or because of pregnancy. The oil contains a whole host of natural-origin ingredients, ready to nourish and revitalise your complexion so that you can realise a more radiant glow.

Formulated with a GF-Repair patent, the oil supports your skin’s natural reparative processes to encourage skin marks to appear diminished. Added Tamanu Oil is bursting with polyphenols, which help your skin to maintain a normal surface that looks healthy. To ensure your skin’s hydrolipidic film is supported, Vegetable Squalane is added to this cocktail of goodness, leaving your body sumptuously moisturised and hydrated.

To help prevent skin marks from worsening or forming as easily in the future, the oil contains Jojoba Oil, an ingredient rich in fatty acids that offer a protective, conditioning effect on skin. Avocado Oil is packed with Vitamins C and E as well as carotenoids, which come together to nourish and soften. Antioxidant Vitamin E also offers protection against environmental aggressors thanks to added Sunflower Oil, which also boasts an impressive Omega-6 content.

The oil is unscented, making it more compatible for those irritated by fragrances. It has a natural smell that’s produced by the ingredients it contains.

Contains 99.9% natural-ingredients. Unscented.

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