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Boots scar reduction serum 50ml

Boots scar reduction serum 50ml

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Boots Scar Reduction Serum reduces the appearance of scars in 12 weeks. Suitable for old & new scars. Softens & smooths.

Boots Scar Reduction Serum is suitable for old and new scars and can be used for the face and all areas of the body.

This product has been tested extensively on different types of scars, including blemishes, stretch marks, burns and injury or surgical scars. On applying daily for up to three months this serum noticeably softens, smooths and conditions the skin. Scars appear lighter and more even in tone and the profile of the skin appears more even. A noticeable improvement may be seen in as little as one month. More prolonged use of three months or more is likely to result in greater improvement to the appearance of your scar.

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