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Spider-Man Titan Action Figure

Spider-Man Titan Action Figure

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Imagine swinging into the newest Spider-Man adventure with Spider-Man figures, vehicles and roleplay items inspired by the Marvel comics. With this classic-inspired line of toys, children can imagine the web-slinging, wall-crawling action as Spider-Man faces new challenges and new villains. Each product sold separately. Subject to availability. When kids connect the Titan Hero Blast Gear launcher (not included; sold separately with Titan Hero Blast Gear figures) to this figure's arm port, they can activate sound effects and launch projectiles!

30-Cm-Scale Spider-Man Figure – Imagine Peter Parker suiting up as the friendly, neighborhood Spider-Man with this 30-cm-scale Spider-Man figure, Inspired by the classic character design from the Marvel comics.

Talking Super Hero Action Figure – Connect the projectile launcher (not included; sold separately with Titan Hero Blast figures) to the port on the Spider-Man Action Figure S back to activate sounds and phrases inspired by the Spider-Man film and fire projectiles!

Spider-Man Film-Inspired Design – Fans can imagine the Web-Slinging and Wall-Crawling Spidey Adventures with this Spider-Man Figure, inspired by the character from the Marvel comic books.

Compatible with Titan Hero Blast Gear Launcher (not included; sold separately with Titan Hero Blast Figures) – connect to Titan Hero Series and Titan Hero Blast Gear Figures (Each sold separately) for sound effects.

Look out for other Spidey Super Hero Toys – Be on the lookout for other Spider-Man figures and gear to imagine the Web-Slinger swinging into action! Additional products each sold separately. Subject to availability.

  • Size H30.48cm.
  • For ages 4 years and over.
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