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Skin Doctors Ingrow Go Lotion (120ml)

Skin Doctors Ingrow Go Lotion (120ml)

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Treat and prevent irritation-prone skin with the Skin Doctors Ingrow Go Lotion; a high-performance lotion that exfoliates skin with ingrown hairs and razor burns for smooth, bump-free skin.

Utilising a combination of active ingredients and natural extracts, the formula harnesses the powers of Isopropyl Alcohol; an anti-bacterial to help sterilise infected pores; Propylene Glycol, a common moisture-carrying vehicle with potent skin-permeating properties; Acetylsalisylic Acid, an anti0inflammatory to reduce sweeling; and Glycolic Acid (AHA – fruit acid) to remove dry skin cells and calm redness.

The purifying and peeling lotion effectively sloughs away dead skin, thus releasing trapped hairs and leaving skin clear and smooth.

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