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Himalaya Cream and Honey Soap 75g

Himalaya Cream and Honey Soap 75g

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Himalaya Cream and Honey Soap is a specifically made soap for normal to dry skin that deeply nourishes, softens, and smoothes your skin. Natural elements that penetrate deeply aid in skin restoration, moisturization, and suppleness.

This soap, which is enriched with the natural sweetness of Milk and Honey, softens and tones the skin while restoring its elasticity. Because it attracts water to keep the skin wet and nourishes it, honey is particularly good for the skin. As it contains numerous antimicrobial compounds that destroy bacteria, it also functions as a natural antiseptic. Milk's inherent softening and soothing qualities make it the ideal solution for dry, irritated skin. Natural lipids found in milk profoundly moisturise skin.

The rate of skin cell regeneration is significantly influenced by the skin's moisture content. Due to its high fatty content, milk cream functions well as an emollient and moisturiser. It gives the skin a healthy glow, enhances the suppleness and texture of the skin, and softly soothes dry and irritable skin.

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