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Fragrance Oil Lavender and Vanilla 10ml 2 Pack

Fragrance Oil Lavender and Vanilla 10ml 2 Pack

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Pan Aroma fragrance oil may be used to refresh potpourri or in oil burners to fill a space with a pleasant aroma. It can also be used directly in oil burners to fill your home with a nice and long-lasting aroma.

Fragrance oils, unlike essential oils, are used for crafts, house scenting, perfumes, etc. Because of the way fragrance oils were utilized in the past, they are also referred to as burning oils. Fragrance oil burning is an ancient method of scenting and diffusing aroma around the house. Fragrance oils are generally stronger, thus last longer. It is really simple to use. Only a few drops of fragrance oil at the top of the ceramic burner, along with a lit tealight candle at the bottom, will provide hours of pleasant scent. A wonderful way to fill your home with the most aromatic and attractive smell!

This set includes Lavender and Vanilla fragrance oils.

Lavender: A pleasant and relaxing aroma that will infuse your house with a warm and flowery atmosphere. Lavender is well-known for its calming and fresh scent. Recognized for its ability to relieve nervous tension and aid in sleep.
Vanilla: A warm and rich scent that fills the senses with sweet and buttery overtones, making it a popular choice among all people. Its sweet scent brings back childhood memories of ice cream and home baking. It is one of the finest smells for relaxation and for relieving anxiety, irritability and restlessness. This makes it a wonderful fragrance oil to burn during stressful times or after a long and exhausting day at the office.


  • An ancient method to scenting the room
  • Easy and safe to use
  • Long lasting fragrance
  • 2 scents: Lavender and Vanilla
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